Kneecap, the band that make bilingual hip-hop anthems, combines a punk rock ethos with heavy flavours of rave culture and political humour into their own unique strain of hard-hitting tunes.  We spoke with them after their sell-out gig in the Telegraph Building about their tour, finding common ground with Baxter Dury, the lasting legacy of the ‘West Belfast Rap’ and the state of modern Irish music.

New Pagans released their debut album last year to rave reviews,”The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All” which was one of our favourite albums of the year. They spoke with us just before their Limelight headline show about the album, Irish embroidery and the running themes of motherhood in the album. 

Siobhan Brown from Manukahunney sat down with our editor to share a discussion on the beauty and roots of Soul music, and how N.I could start to have a thriving soul scene, plus their new music coming in 2022.

Sister Ghost talk to Natasha Rainey about their October release ‘Stay Spooky’, the growing diversity of the NI music scene and the healing powers of creativity for grief.

Natasha also spoke with Brand New Friend about touring, supporting the DMA’s and Snow Patrol and the upcoming album release that sees them experiment as a band growing in confidence.

H.R. Gibs talks with the queen of the scene Ciara King about her various musical projects, Feminist punk icons Problem Patterns, shoegaze starlets Big Daisy and country duo Cryan. Ciara also talks about her fundraising work for She Sells Sanctuary with the Bangers’ n Mash compilations.

Plus expect amazing reviews, art and poetry from some great local creatives