Kneecap, the band that make bilingual hip-hop anthems, combines a punk rock ethos with heavy flavours of rave culture and political humour into their own unique strain of hard-hitting tunes.  We spoke with them after their sell-out gig in the Telegraph Building about their tour, finding common ground with Baxter Dury, the lasting legacy of the ‘West Belfast Rap’ and the state of modern Irish music.

New Pagans released their debut album last year to rave reviews,”The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All” which was one of our favourite albums of the year. They spoke with us just before their Limelight headline show about the album, Irish embroidery and the running themes of motherhood in the album. 

Siobhan Brown from Manukahunney sat down with our editor to share a discussion on the beauty and roots of Soul music, and how N.I could start to have a thriving soul scene, plus their new music coming in 2022.

Sister Ghost talk to Natasha Rainey about their October release ‘Stay Spooky’, the growing diversity of the NI music scene and the healing powers of creativity for grief.

Natasha also spoke with Brand New Friend about touring, supporting the DMA’s and Snow Patrol and the upcoming album release that sees them experiment as a band growing in confidence.

H.R. Gibs talks with the queen of the scene Ciara King about her various musical projects, Feminist punk icons Problem Patterns, shoegaze starlets Big Daisy and country duo Cryan. Ciara also talks about her fundraising work for She Sells Sanctuary with the Bangers’ n Mash compilations.

Plus expect amazing reviews, art and poetry from some great local creatives



YEO4 brings in the summer with Leo Miyagee who talks about his final instalment in the trilogy of albums ‘Act III’, taking inspiration from the greats and the importance of having a diverse musical intake.

Natasha Rainey speaks with post-punk rising icon A.N.J.A about making it through the pandemic, getting back to gigging and her new single ‘Monoxide’.

Robocobra Quartet instigator Chris Ryan speaks about his new climate inspired solo project SORBET’s otherworldly new album ‘This Was Paradise’ while diving into the essence of sound, mortality and musical communications.

One of two Women’s Work Festival curators Charlene Hegarty gives us a run down of this year’s essential events for women in the local music industry, as well as the behind-the-scenes heroes and the creation of NI’s first female focused electronic music workshop. AND MORE.

H.R.Gibs opens up with local youth-led mental health collective Pure Mental about the mind-blowing work they’ve been doing to bring better mental health resources to young people.

Belfast hip-hop legend SEAZ420 talks with us about his new album ‘Scrapt Chapters’, working with some of the biggest graffiti artists in Belfast and the state of the scene throughout the years.

Local electronic aficionados Plain Sailing give us their ones to watch, including EMBY, Matheson, OPTMST and Becky McNiece.

Lee Campbell speaks with Sam Wickens about his new EP ‘Watson’, his chance encounters with Bob Geldof and the healing powers of Crawfordsburn Country Park.

Lee also spoke with legendary artist Jim Fitzpatrick about his iconic Che Guevara poster, working with Thin Lizzy and Dea Matrona.

Plus read local reviews, bathe in glorious art and feel something for once with some touching poetry.


Catching up with the real Derry girls Cherym after their anti-valentines day anthem ‘Kisses on my Cards’ -the first release after signing to Alcopop! Records.  Talking about the psychology of the band, and how to make optimistic music.

After a 3 year hiatus, local star Conor Scott talks to us about the meanings behind his new E.P. ‘Life Now’, the creative drain of living in London and the imagery behind his new music,

Street artist and illustrator Wee Nuls talks about her work with local label/night/clothing brand DSNT, how she got into graffiti and why using her art to help causes like Homeless Period Belfast is so important.

The man himself Daniel August opens up about his track ‘Beautiful Mess’, creating musical story telling and gives us his top tips on self-love.

Angel Arutura breaks down why our biases are a lot more harmful than you think and shares a guide on what we can do to change them.

We turn the interview back onto the hosts of Dead Rabbit Whiskey’s Liquid Chords podcast,  Conchúr White and Matt Rootherford-Jones.

H.R. Gibs, who breaks into the world of ME&U2 and the hidden electronic music scene of artists like Susie Page.

Plain Sailing and Harbour Music aficionado Andrew Moore talks with Open House Festival about the revitalisation of Bangor’s music scene with artists like OPTMST and Brien taking the seaside towns presence into a new era.

Activist and educator Belfactivist explores the hierarchy of activism and gatekeeping within activist streams in the 21st century.

Plus more interviews, articles and reviews.



Well done for making it through 2020, it was truly mental.

Just the one resolution for you, READ MORE MAGAZINES.

Even if you read enough, you could always do with some wee features about local creatives and activists who have somehow managed to do amazing things over the past year and who a have some lethal plans this year.

Local rock stars Dea Matrona talk about their classic rock influences, getting back to busking and brushing shoulders with the legends.

Local neo-soul musician and GxrlCode Belfast founder, Dena Anuk$a talks about her 2020 adventures that include getting stuck in the Maldives, taking tours of ancient Egyptian ruins, all while releasing some of the smoothest sounding tunes you’ve ever heard.

Local DJ and Soft Boy Records producer  Brien gives us some insight into his process, working with some of the biggest names in the Irish scene and his summer soundtrack D.I.Y. VOL1.

Creative director and stylist Roisino provides inspiration to younger creatives looking to make a career in the arts, doing it yourself and working with global magazines.

Belfast based, Houston native, Kendall Bousquet talks about her new E.P. of indie anthems ‘Second Hand’ under the moniker Heart Shaped, her 343 Radio show and  the eternal migration of music.

Local hip-hop artist Quinncidental discusses his discovery of the genre, the power of nostalgia and is upcoming E.P. ‘The Rule of Three’

YEO contributions from local activist, blogger, and podcaster Angel Arutura, who delves into intersectional feminism, exploring the roots of the feminist movement and white supremacy.

Student teacher Fiona Rea provides  research into the lack of LGBT training taught to teachers and what needs to be done to improve  it.

Plus, read reviews of the local tunes to get you going into 2021, disagree with our top 10 lists from 2020 and make your mind up about our new reviews, all while having your eye sockets drenched in some amazing local art and small businesses.

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