The new single from NI’s Queen of Soul is here, ‘Overcomer’.

Siobhan Brown (Manukahunney) last released a song back in 2020 under Manukahunney Blue. Fast forward 2 years, she’s streamlined the name and updated the direction of her music to continue doing what she does best; inspiring real human connection through the power of authentic music of black origins. 

The first single from her upcoming EP, ‘My Dark Side’  is a fresh sound for Manukahunney. It grooves like a 90’s RnB slow jam, with Siobhan’s dulcet tones joining lyrics of perseverance into the warmest of welcomes. If you ever need your heart warmed up, just put this song on and soak in how the orchestral elements shine and fade as the lyrics wrap around you.

The steady beat gives the song a real heartbeat to the message, a joyful celebration of diversity, unity and love, while also recognising adversities. It’s a universal idea that Siobhan’s songwriting expresses with lyrics like “The streets all aglow with colourful delights / red, brown black yellow all precious in his sight/ my minds blown away by the power I see in you”.

The song is an exercise in taking in the beauty of differences, recognising the heroes around us and properly communicating with each other. Having been lucky enough to catch Manukahunney performing a few times in the past year, I’ve heard ‘Overcomer’ in its live rendition, which puts this idea into practice as collective choruses in true gospel fashion by the audience.

While a breathtaking live experience, the recorded version allows you to connect to it on a far more personal level. It caresses the balance between comfort and motivation that you’ll be sure to turn to it when you need a reminder of the joys of life.