We are honoured to premiere the new video for Sister Ghost’s new track, ‘Cut Like a Thorn’, taken from their 2021 EP, ‘Stay Spooky’.

The tune balances heavy guitars and driving drums with bright melodies and poignant lyricism that Sister Ghost are renowned for. While this track has an extra weight behind it due to the meaning behind the songwriting, the video adds a sweet sense of nostalgia that really does cut like a thorn.

'Cut Like a Thorn' was written shortly after the passing of Sionainn’s granny and while the track deals with feelings of loss, it also celebrates fond memories and the lessons learned from her granny's generation of women. She said, ‘Cut Like A Thorn’ was my first experience of writing to cope with grief and it's about the things I learned from her as well as the wider story around that generation of Irish women who bore so much in order for my generation to have more freedom and autonomy with their lives and careers.”

And on the music video, she said: “The music video contains footage from the many walks I would take around my home village in rural Co.Derry during the pandemic lockdowns, as these spaces were part and parcel with the time of her passing and my writing of the song.”

The proceeds from the track on Bandcamp will be donated to the Foyle Hospice, so be sure to go support this great cause with a wonderful song to go along!!!