Track Revew:

The Wolf

Belfast’s bluesy folk duo Revue unleashed ‘The Wolf , a fierce title track from their upcoming E.P. set for release early 2021.

Frontwoman Emma Loudan’s voice channels a powerful defiance against preconceived gender roles; the same ones that are engrained in childhood stories of the damsels in distress, good girls and monsters in the night. ‘The Wolf’ provides young girls with a different narrative, taking them from helpless prey to the headline predator.  

The varnished instrumentation by Martin Price sets the anti-fairy-tale tone perfectly with an almost ritual-like blues build up, that crashes into a chorus fit for any festival. The earthy and menacing approach to the music fully reflects the lyrics' theme of turning danger back on itself, fleshing out any questions of injustice a young girl asks herself when being read the same tropes over and over again.

The redefining of female identity on this track is cemented by how strong of a tune it is, fans of Fleetwood Mac can expect a similar bewitching blend of folk storytelling and organic rock and roll riffs. Make sure you keep the lights on when it comes to this exciting duo because they will get you regardless.

The video for ‘The Wolf’ is released this Friday the 13th.

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