Track Review:

Ethan Hollan
‘Love Bite’ 

Still from video by @martinozarek

Ethan Hollan’s latest solo single ‘Love Bite’ is immediately enchanting. Finding a lo-fi haven in his bedroom, the quality of this tune is hugely exciting for any indie music fan who enjoys a bit more of a heavy groove for their heartbroken playlist. Creating an authentically emotional sound, Hollan’s production provides himself with the perfect platform to take you on a journey into his vulnerability.

He shows off a vocal range that amplifies his longing for romantic satisfaction, utilising his recording skills to harmonise with himself over the sunshine indie rock instrumental. Understanding the right times to soften up his voice allows him to elegantly balance through the songs more secretive moments, exploring themes of lust and desire.

The Bangor based artists has an impressive knack for creating distinct guitar sounds. They shine through the production with complete confidence, combining scratchy rhythms and searching riffs. The versatility in his playing reflects the confusion behind a possibly toxic, double-edged sword relationship while displaying flavours of bands like Two Door Cinema Club or Metronomy.

Love Bite’s tempo takes casual changes of heart, swaying along for the verses and breaking into a stripped back question of “When did our kisses transform into bruises”. Driving home the moment of realisation in a passionate and fleeting romance.

‘Love Bite’ plays with the fragility of love, the physicality of passion and the aches of abstinence. Listen to it now.

︎: Ethan Hollan