Track Reveiw:


Quinncidental released the first single from his upcoming E.P. that expands on his bold sensitivity when it comes to lyricism and laidback instrumentals.

Expanding on a throwaway note he found in his notebook “I have a message but I’m too illiterate to give it”, combined with his new moniker  “Quinncidental”, he was hit with a tidal wave of inspiration to craft a new musical identity with a focus on sharp, intellectual bars that don’t shy away from topics of toxic relationships and dealing with trauma.

The beat that Quinn spits his truth over already feels like a hip-hop classic, reserved reverbed guitars and snappy drums allow his native accent to work its magic. The native sense of humour comes through on this track as well, with the line “Blowin’ your mind like Kennedy” being a personal favourite line is fully backed up by the flawless rhymes that Quinn produces.

His new E.P. titled ‘The Rule of Three’ is shaping up to be a quality debut, with the first two tracks released under his new moniker, this and the equally impressive ‘Mr. Nice’ demonstrating a really refreshing, honest approach to the genre within the local scene.

Finding the therapy through his music, the outcomes are increasingly growing in confidence, using his verses to jump from the battles of self-doubt to finding  the positivity in recovery, Quinncidental brings you along for ride, bumpy or not.

Make sure you are ready for the E.P. drop and get listening to as much Quinncidental as possible in the meantime.

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