Belfast based Kendall Bousquet’s solo project Heart Shaped really got our attention last year with her debut EP ‘Second Hand’ which channelled bedroom bound sounds into a beautiful collection of tracks.

The EP was warm and fuzzy, with themes of heartbreak expressed through the Houston native’s punk rock attitude and resulted in the perfect soundtrack to a classic coming-of-age film.

No surprise that we were ecstatic to hear she is dropping a double-sided single on the 14th of January, ‘No Contact’ continues with a caressing exploration of the romantic grey areas through softly distorted soundscapes and poignant lyricism.

Delving into a communication breakdown that sees off a relationship, the song is gentle and immersive. While ‘No Contact’ gives a sense of acceptance towards the deterioration of the situation, there is still a recognition of the painful process. It’s like she is swirling melodies and riffs into a nice, heated, weighted blanket.

While you’ve just got yourself comfortable, B-side ‘Version of You’ comes and kicks you out into the cold. The surf-inspired anthem plays with the romanticism of memories and the frustration that brings. ‘Version of You’ drives home a heavier sound while still maintaining the young songwriter’s signature ability to caress heartstrings to the brilliant sounds of her fuzzed-out guitar strings.

‘No Contact’ will be released tomorrow on her Bandcamp.