Track Review:


Leo Miyagee continues his impressive streak on his brilliant new single ‘Blackmoon’. One of Leo Kamutsi’s (Miyagee) greatest strengths is his range, the fact that he can deliver in a multiplicity of ways, that he isn’t at his best when he’s singing or when he’s rapping – but when he’s doing either of those things. His last EP, ‘Act 2: Big Walk’, showed the Belfast hip-hop artist to be equally adept at both those things, and that even within his rapping he could take on an array of deliveries and flows.

On ‘Blackmoon’, Kamutsi again makes it clear that just because he’s a jack-of-all-trades certainly doesn’t mean he’s a master of none; his rapping is excellent throughout the track, bringing a range of seriously smooth flows and spitting complex internal rhymes with incredible ease.

Kamutsi’s 90s hip-hop influences can be seen here, the single named after legendary underground group Black Moon, and the lush beat sounds like something DJ Premier could’ve cooked up – a fantastic instrumental of chopped string, vocal and woodwind samples that perfectly matches the tone of Kamutsi’s introspective lyrics of self knowledge and growth. He said about the track’s chorus, ‘the main chorus is a metaphor, a reference to how I’ve felt at times as an upcoming artist, as a minority and as a young man trying to make his way through life’.

On ‘Blackmoon’ Kamutsi takes us through his journey, the lessons he’s learnt navigating the waters and the wisdom that has been imparted to him, ‘Don’t chase the cat, just catch the mouse, the cat will come to you’. While the track looks to both past and present, this introspection is Kamutsi’s way of looking to the future – the rest of his journey, and it looks like an exciting one.

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