Track Review

Laytha - ‘What Will I Gain’

Niamh Carney And Philana Nolan are the harmonic duo from Fermanagh that make up trad infused folk group Laytha. After catching some of their angelic set at Stendhal festival, they are a convincing prospect for the future of local music.

Their debut track ‘What Will I Gain‘ carries the same floating duets as their live performance, only with a richer and fleshed out instrumental that follows Philana’s exquisite guitar. While their voices and guitar are all they need to blow you away, this release sees them bring in a wonderous string arrangement to really open the gates of heaven. As strong a starting point as you could hope for really.

Singing about insecurities and the fear of love, they cast their out their hearts with a spectacular reverence. They’re delicate in delivery but assured in meaning, with the soft blend of their voices conveying the secretive nature of the emotions. Almost like not quite wanting to open up yet, but confiding in someone close just for you own sanity.

While the lyrics flow with questions and doubts, “What Will I Gain” is a certainty. It’s absolutely glorious.