Track Review:

Before You Go

This Friday,  Lapse will unveil their new track ‘Before You Go’, that uses their experimentaly  crafted electronic music to capture the drawn-out drama of a separation.

Creating a night-time aesthetic, Peter Keogh’s synths and drumming pulsate through the song, spawning feverish dreams of distant dancefloors. The other half of the electric duo, vocalist Ellie Brétéché, provides a vocal performance that signifies complete confidence and a genuine enjoyment in her ability to sway between her soft, reserved phrasing into more expansive harmonies, and then back down again.

‘Before You Go’ is a perfect track for playing full blast, driving down a rainy motorway, after breaking up with someone you should have done a long time ago.  Wrapped in melancholy with bursts of optimism, lines like, “You took a piece of me with you, but I’ll take the pieces up off the ground” capture the post heartbreak self-care that is needed after emotional turmoil.

The track still acknowledges the back and forth of emotional doubt when seeking to strive for something (or someone) better;  ending with an argumentative duet between the two full time members of the local outfit. They really have set themselves up nicely to generate a serious buzz for their upcoming collaborations with local acts such as Quinncidental and Thomas Munro.

Continuing the distinct sound they have crafted through their experimentation with genres like electronica, trip-hop and pop, they are making a name for themselves as true innovators that come out with new quality every time, “Before You Go” is no exception.

Presave “Before You Go” here.