Kalla - It Be How It Be

A debut single is a hugely important milestone in an artist’s career. Finding the confidence to grow from bedroom guitar jams and covers into a condensed sonic production is not something that can be taken as any small feat.

As far as making a good first impression goes, Kalla ticks all the right boxes. An atmospheric groove supporting his distinct, naturally elegant guitar licks that swirl around the skeleton of the song’s landscape. The vocalisation of a realism in ‘It Be How It Be’ brings the simple mantra of positivity to welcoming open ears. In terms of ‘finding his voice’, Kalla need to search no further. An incredibly impressive introduction to the recorded world.

Considering the current climate of frustration and uncertainty, the song brings a warm light to anywhere it is played, providing a well-rounded stroke of comfort into a greying world.

Finding a distinct sound is something that takes some artists albums upon albums to achieve and is not always a sound that resonates at such an accessible altitude as this track does, so much so, it only grows more  upon repetition. This is greatly down to his talent and understanding of blues and funk inspired guitar fills, uncompromising singing capabilities and overall musical appreciation.

The collaboration on the release greatly celebrates a synergy of sound that results in a complete inability not to bob your head. Produced by David Browne Murray at a high enough standard that it sounds ready for drivetime radio play around the world. The song’s use of sampling and distortion sets the spellbinding beat in motion and spawns’ space for saxophonist contributor Matthew Edgar to work his audible magic.

Kalla’s level of professionalism towards his music is something to behold and only creates high hopes for the future, hard to believe that it is only his first proper musical release. He has provided the world with 3 minutes and 54 seconds of absolute sonic joy. Not only that, curating an accompanying mixtape of local musicians AND a social media giveaway. In partnership with local Belfast gem’s The Sunflower Bar and Pizza Guyz. The level of marketing savvy is matched (even eclipsed) by the inspiring finished musical product.

The accompanying video reinforces a sense of acceptance to the increasingly strange times we find ourselves in. A defiant dander through the empty streets of Belfast, against backdrops of the city’s vibrant and eccentric street art, all while adorning a sensible mask. Kalla’s attuite of resilience seems as smooth as the song itself.
Listen to ‘It Be How It Be’ here:
Watch the video here: