Inside Moves proved a powerful point when they filled Banana Block to the brim with summer ravers. The statement event felt like a level up from some of the crews’ previous occasions, while still carrying the passionate energy of a dedicated crowd, which was boosted by knockout performances from all the selectors.

Kicking off the night was a pumping B2B from rising talents Reger and Matheson, throwing down housey beats and screaming vocals that rewarded an eager dancefloor. The energy levels were pot on from these two for the opening slot, pacing themselves nicely and confidently until it was time to pass the controls over to the organisers themselves Inside Moves.

Unsurprisingly, the Inside Moves crew smashed out a sensational set. The dancefloor was bouncing by the early evening and the quality of the production really began to sink in. The lighting was an impressive addition to the experience, colouring the music perfectly. The crew have been putting on cutting-edge nights for 7 years now and performed as established selectors should - with euphoric style. Switching between heavy obscurities to classic samples had the venue elated with fist pumps and chants that gave the warehouse vibe a sense of community that was great to witness.

The headliner Ki/Ki brought an impeccable fusion of acidy trance-tinged techno to the decks that summoned ecstatic feedback from the dancefloor. She managed to raise the crowd’s energy levels into an absolute frenzy, with selections straight from the industrial nightlife in Amsterdam or Berlin that felt right at home in Belfast. The sold-out event was consistently bouncing, with the number of people up on each other's shoulders only adding to the sense of lawlessness that will surely be a tough gig to follow.

With their next event booked in for the 20th of August with Ross From Friends taking over the Inside Moves decks, plus the wonder booking of Salute just announced, Inside Moves are certainly making some impressive moves.

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