God’s Waiting Room Presents Music’s Not For Everyone - A celebration of the life and music of Andrew Weatherall

Having heard starry-eyed stories about the legendary God’s Waiting Room, I felt beyond privileged to be invited eastwardly for the latest instalment. Especially since this was such a poignant occasion, being an ode to the god-like figure Andrew Weatherall.

The landmark event was fully titled “God’s Waiting Room Presents Music’s Not For Everyone - A celebration of the life and music of Andrew Weatherall” which welcomed the highest amount of revellers into the fresh-faced venue Banana Block. 

Faces from Primal Scream, and superstar illustrators joined the full capacity crowd of weird and wonderful. Both DJs on the night were playing tunes that Weatherall had championed throughout the years of 1988- 2020. The eclectic music was of course the binding agent of the night, the atmosphere nurtured by Paul Day’s selections as people started their exploration around the venue.

As I was dipping in and out of the idea to joining the queue to have my face painted while sipping on some of the venue's in-house brewery offerings (in the shape of a Boundary Brewing can), I was struck by psychedelic visual projections, dancing drag queens and conversations about Andrew Weatherall. I asked one fella who was wearing a tasty red cowboy shirt where he got it from and he answered with a photo of a young Andrew wearing it and said no more.

Once David Holmes took to the decks for his incredible 4-hour shift, the dancefloor started to grow into more of an intune community. Seeing one of our local greats paying homage to his international contemporary and a close friend was an absolute delight to any music head. Energy and tastes broke confinements of genre and spanned from softer grooves into heavier deep cuts, all flavours of Andrew Weatherall’s tastes cooked up to perfection.  

It was no time at all before the place was pulsating with great energy of communal celebration. As the night was billed as a memorial and celebration to one of the world's most influential producers and selectors, it was precisely what it should have been. A joyous congregation of smiling faces, spellbinding visuals and irresistible music.