Enola Gay 
‘The Birth of a Nation’(Mount Palomar Remix)

Mount Palomar turns post-punk into stomping industrial techno on his fantastic  remix of Enola Gay’s ‘Birth of a Nation’.

Neil Kerr’s (Mount Palomar) remix is testament to his versatile talents as one of the most exciting up and coming producers Ireland has to offer. Having played in  Berlin’s infamous Berghain multiple times since he first launched his moniker ‘Mount Palomar’ in 2018, the Belfast electronic producer is no stranger to the darker sounds of  techno. Here he taps into a sonic overlap between two genres that few producers would be able to notice, let alone utilize to craft a frightening banger.

Kerr uses Enola Gay’s siren-like guitar in a loop that calls to mind some of Gesaffelstein’s most industrial tunes, and Enola Gay vocalist Fionn Reilly’s provocative chorus-chants are used to brilliant effect, firing the tune up to a level of  aggression that would put hairs on your teeth. From the distorted guitar loops to the  menacing acid-inspired synths in the latter half of the remix, the track is layered with diverse sounds, showcasing the production talent that have led to Kerr  sharing the stage with big-hitters like Midland, Objekt and Helena Hauff, in pre-Covid times.

The Belfast producer has an album in the works that is set to release in 2021,  and if this electrifying remix doesn’t get you excited for his debut full-length, we’re not too sure what will.

Check out the  video to the original track  here  and  pre-order Issue 1 to read the our review. 

The Birth of a Nation (Mount Palomar Remix) is released 9/10/20. Get onto it.