Track Review:

Dena Anuk$a ft. Becky McNeice
‘Super High’ 

More smooth neo-soul is something the world is screaming out for. With so much going on in the world, finding a relaxing vessel to carry a message of growth is what ‘Super High’ achieves with laidback class.

Becky McNeice brings us in with an airy mantra that intertwines with Dena Anuk$a’s levelled lyrical delivery. The duo from Belfast collective Gxrlcode, combine to create a modern musical remedy for the soul. ‘Super High’ takes the sunny atmosphere of paradise and puts a 2020 spin on it through the lens of a hypothetical argument, that comes to an agreement through the relationship between their vocals.

Reflecting the internal conflicts of outgoing and reserved, the pairing of the two artists feels like a musical yin and yang, resulting in a total balance of sound and emotion. Finding the elegant arrangement laced with saxophones and piano creates an aurora of meditation and reflection, sprinkled with the lyrical honesty of an Arlo Parks or Erykah Badu.

Not straying away from recognising intrusive thoughts throughout ‘Super High’, Anuksa’s uplifting and soothing lyrics show off a presence of mind that her flow completely justifies. Coupled with a beat perfect for late night contemplation and, of course, McNeice’s elevated support makes for the perfect soundtrack to spark one up while contemplating life’s big questions.

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