Track Review:


When we see Dena Anuksa is releasing a new track, we get excited. You should too.

The Belfast-based artist expands on the rich jazzy, neo-soul path that she has forged this year with unmatched style in the local scene. Considering that she has been stranded in two different countries due to travel restrictions, how she has found a way to release such inspired songs is a true testament to her defiant creativity.

The latest track of her 2020 output, ’Ancient Naturals’, instantly finds her established, confident flow. Using her ability to effortlessly transport lyrics from another world, Anuksa touches on topics of self-discovery and romance by blending social topics with majestic imagery. We are no strangers to how she switches between laidback lyrical delivery and a sensual singing voice, and we simply cannot get enough of it.

Dena’s performance is as commanding as a professional hypnotist, with the instrumental helping to give her natural talent a sonic sense of the celestial. Electronic sounds meet punch packing drum samples, resulting in a groove fit for futuristic rituals.

Extending her creative touch to music video direction, in collaboration with Tolu Films, they craft a video that strengthens the theme of timeless mystery. With help from stylist Georgia Magee and drone footage from Louis Patton - make sure you expand your listening experience by checking the video out.

Out next Friday.