Dea Matrona 
‘Won’t Feel Like This Forever’

Dea Matrona’s new release ‘Won’t Feel Like This Forever’ is a daydream inducing soft rock tune that brings some much-needed sonic optimism into our lockdown world. The three piece, 70’s influenced girl band released a socially distant music video of them performing the track in the countryside, visualising a sense of tranquillity that the song is dripping in.

The limitations of recording music in the pandemic may have haltered most artists in 2020 but ‘Won’t Feel Like This Forever’ utilises this to create an incredibly distinguished and natural track with a garage rock style charm. Finding the positivity in a bad situation is the bedrock of this bedroom rock song that feels as relevant as it does catchy.

Lead singer Molly McGinn’s vocals summon the spirit of Carole King and Debbie Harry, accompanied with Orlaith Forsyth’s harmonies that are as strong as her bass beat keeping alongside Mamie McGinn’s flawless drumming,  resulting in a lovely hallucination of the ears.

The song is perfect for a sunny drive through the Irish countryside with your feet out the window and a chain smoking rollies as much as it is for listening to while staring at the wall wondering  what the fuck is goingon in the world.

Following on from a strong statement of an EP in 2019; ‘Away From The Tide’ and a beautiful follow up single ‘Hard On Yourself’, the Celtic goddess inspired rockers are carving out an artistic identity that sounds as fresh as it does nostalgic.

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