Track Review:

Dark Tropics
‘Moroccan Sun’

This song is addictive.

‘Moroccan Sun’ is a nostalgic masterpiece, full of fearless vulnerability. The song - penned by lead singer Rio McGuiness during her first time travelling alone through the Sahara Desert - instantly brings you into a world of sunsets, spent with strangers in unfamiliar cities.

The gifted duo, with Gerard Sans producing and McGuinness leading, make up the pop-noir outfit Dark Tropics. With only their second release, they have struck gold with an instantly catchy concoction of authentic pop and an intensely moody atmosphere.

The operatic grandeur of ‘Moroccan Sun’ is personal in its message while remaining ethereal in the build ups to the anthemic chorus. The chorus itself, could temporarily comfort any broken heart, breaking into a sea of rich harmonies that linger in your ears and bury straight into your soul.

The sporadic string arrangements with the steady funk bassline crash in and out of focus to make way for changing guitar rhythms and immersive drums. By using analogue instrumentation with retro recording, Rio’s lead vocals are fully accentuated, recalling the likes of Julia Jacklin, or an optimistic Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star.

With Dark Tropic’s second official single receiving a unanimously positive reception and being added to the likes of music giant Billboard’s playlist as a ‘song to get you through the week’, it’s some pretty encouraging stuff for the local duo. With an album on the way, it is looking like Dark Tropics will provide the perfect album to get us through the next year. Or few.

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