YEO4 brings in the summer with Leo Miyagee who talks about his final instalment in the trilogy of albums ‘Act III’, taking inspiration from the greats and the importance of having a diverse musical intake.

Natasha Rainey speaks with post-punk rising icon A.N.J.A about making it through the pandemic, getting back to gigging and her new single ‘Monoxide’.

Robocobra Quartet instigator Chris Ryan speaks about his new climate inspired solo project SORBET’s otherworldly new album ‘This Was Paradise’ while diving into the essence of sound, mortality and musical communications.

One of two Women’s Work Festival curators Charlene Hegarty gives us a run down of this year’s essential events for women in the local music industry, as well as the behind-the-scenes heroes and the creation of NI’s first female focused electronic music workshop. AND MORE.

H.R.Gibs opens up with local youth-led mental health collective Pure Mental about the mind-blowing work they’ve been doing to bring better mental health resources to young people.

Belfast hip-hop legend SEAZ420 talks with us about his new album ‘Scrapt Chapters’, working with some of the biggest graffiti artists in Belfast and the state of the scene throughout the years.

Local electronic aficionados Plain Sailing give us their ones to watch, including EMBY, Matheson, OPTMST and Becky McNiece.

Lee Campbell speaks with Sam Wickens about his new EP ‘Watson’, his chance encounters with Bob Geldof and the healing powers of Crawfordsburn Country Park.

Lee also spoke with legendary artist Jim Fitzpatrick about his iconic Che Guevara poster, working with Thin Lizzy and Dea Matrona.

Plus read local reviews, bathe in glorious art and feel something for once with some touching poetry.