Track Review:

Amerik ft. Gareth Dunlop - ‘Olive’

The new single from Amerik, ‘Olive’, brings us some much-needed emotive electronica. With roots as an established bass player, Adam Booth achieves a rhythmic sensation that bolsters Gareth Dunlop’s divine vocal performance.

Amerik unleashes spellbinding synths to pulsate at the perfect moments, while clearing the way for mellowed piano riffs to round off this wholesome auditory experience. The anthemic drum roll, the punchy break and tsunami of cymbals provide of pace and energy for the  rhythms in the song’s progression. It’s instantly obvious that everything about the instrumentation understands perfectly how to reflect Dunlop’s lyrics with as much respect and support as possible.

Utilising the strong but intimate vocals of songwriter Gareth Dunlop, who unlocks emotions on ‘Olive’ that are universally personal, was a wonderful decision. His heart-breaking pleas for answers mixed with vulnerable cries of loss truly give the lyrics and production the passionate performance they deserve.

With Amerik’s upcoming E.P. ‘Bouquet’ released this April, at least we have this moving spectacle of a song to keep us close company until we get there.

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