The summer of ‘Stuff being back on’ is here, folks!

While there were rumours of it being dubbed the ‘New Summer of Love’, it’s more of a ‘Summer of Skint Out’. Regardless, we do have the option to go out and enjoy a spectrum of gatherings, which is nice.

Having knocked out a few printed magazines for just under the past 2 years that celebrate local music and culture, we’re loving how much brilliant stuff is happening here at the minute. As we started in the first lockdown, we spent the first few editions covering various live streams and online events, which just never really were the same where they? So being able to get inside a room with real people and soaking in the greatness of artists just being (somewhat annoyingly) talented is a blessing.

Hopefully, there’s something in our summer events guide that’s up your street ( if not, you’re possibly unpleasable and should probably smile more!) and that you appreciate the amount of planning and work that goes into putting on an event. Not to get all preachy this early in the introduction, but events and nightlife are genuine lifesavers to many people. Getting out there and letting the hair down is good for the soul, so make sure you do it at least once this summer. You deserve it.

If you or any of your friends put on any events in the future, give us a shout at or on Instagram at @yeomagazine and we’ll love to shout about it!

Enjoy yeoself and stay safe!