Track Review: 

aimée - ‘Shiver’

‘Shiver’ is the spine-tingling new single from soulful singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aimée Thompson.

Her 2020 track ‘The Grey’ was an exciting introduction to the soul-pop singer that showcased her impeccable voice over a lovey, vibey beat that made it impossible not to be instantly hooked. From then on, Aimée has built up a wonderful collection of home recorded videos of her amazing renditions of songs, either solo or with her incredibly musically talented family members.

While her previous release finds its flow with lyrics of confusion, ‘Shiver’ takes inspiration from fully understanding her emotions, and her confidence comes through in the all-round entrancing track that instantly throws you into an engrossing orchestral landscape. With Aimee’s violin skills giving way for her voice to shine with classy elegance, her measured delivery of the lyrics play against the deep bassline to truly evoke a sensory shiver, just as the title suggests.

The instrumentation utilises some of Aimee’s piano to sew itself into the song perfectly, cradling the mounting tension that builds until the chorus kicks in and delivering some harmonic balance to the reverberating beat. The song is bold, strong and most of all, incredibly catchy.

The moment that comes around the 1.50 minute mark is genuinely captivating. It’s the moment that would surely get crowds going wild, if such a thing was allowed these days.

As the song fades away, her soft-spoken pleas are replaced by heartfelt demands and then drifts into a vocal exercise that could comfort any soul.