Reveiw by Conn Thornton

Travi the Native - ‘LDSAC’

The latest single from Travi the Native, ‘Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance’, plays out like a scene in a bittersweet romantic drama. It conjurs the hazy image of staring out the passenger seat window of a car while driving through the city at night, slowly drifting away as the streetlights rhythmically move across the glass, each one revealing a different hazy, dreamlike image. What creates this dreamy atmosphere is the delicate, slightly detuned piano throughout the track – from the moment this piano comes in it’s clear that this is going to be an epic track. Then the vocals come in, starting out rather strong but still maintaining a smoothness that then grows and builds to heighten the emotional intensity of the music and lyrics.

What makes this song really special is the way every single part builds up from its bare bones to create a sound that’s so grandiose and cinematic that it would have been right at home on a Lorde album. The way that the backing vocals come in before the chorus and meld with the synthesisers is absolutely delicious, and the gradual climb of the vocal melody to the sweeping chorus is a real highlight here – it's very reminiscent of Wolf Alice’s latest music. That’s saying nothing about the final reprise of the chorus, where the vocal harmonies are really something to behold. ‘Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance’ proves that Travi the Native has a deeply romantic, cinematic view on life and with this being a teaser of his new EP ‘God Only Calls the House Phone’, it’s clear that this is going to be one of the standout releases in the local music scene this year.



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